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"Whose money is it?"

Founder & CEO, Patrina Dixon is changing the financial space through her black-woman-owned financial education company, It’$ My Money. Its mission is to educate high school students to adults on personal finance, investing, and entrepreneurship. With in-person and online sessions, the company makes personal finance easier to learn (or re-learn) with hands-on activities, relatable strategies, and education that are valuable to the real-life journey. 

It’$ My Money engages on social media platforms, our very own blog and podcast, and through several published (and best-selling) books. Our business is to help people unlock their potential and leave saying “It’$ My Money and I know what to do next.”


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Our Mission

We enhance and educate the lives of young adults and college aged-students through financial education to prepare them for their future.

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Our FREE Substack publication keeps you informed about the latest grants, funding opportunities, and programs that may be available to your business. Our team is dedicated to providing you with:
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Become a Financial Scholar!

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It'$ My Money VOLUME TWO

This #1 Best Selling guided journal comes with tips and tricks to guide you through your financial journey as a young adult. It covers topics such as:

Funding College
Navigating FAFSA
Banking Services
Checking Services
Savings Accounts

Buying a Car
Side Hustles
Financial Planning
and more!


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How Can We Help?


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Are you seeking engaging personal finance workshops for your high school, college, company, or special event?

Look no further! Our workshops cover:

  • Saving and Budgeting
  • Credit
  • Side Hustles and Entrepreneurship
  • Podcasting 101
  • Self-Publishing

And many more!

Let us help you achieve your financial goals in a fun and exciting way. We tailor each session for your audience and offer the option of in-person or virtual workshops.

Patrina Dixon keynote speaker

Speaking Engagements/Keynotes

Are you seeking a fun and engaging speaker for virtual conferences, graduations, or community events? Look no further than Patrina!

Our speaking topics are customizable to be tailored for teens or adults.

So, whether you are looking for a motivational talk for teens or a more serious discussion for adults, we have you covered!

Get in touch to learn more about how Patrina can help make your event unforgettable.


What customers say about
It'$ MY Money

Patrina is passionate about helping people take control of their financial lives and stop living paycheck to paycheck. She listens to your goals and will help development a plan that is practical. The It’S My Money Budget Sheet and Envelopes are an excellent tool to get your family started understanding their spending and learning how to save!
Sarah Maffiolini
Windsor Youth Services Bureau
Students left with a better understanding of the importance of setting up a budget early on, and gained insight on the types of expenses they can anticipate as an entrepreneur. Patrina is a knowledgeable and engaging speaker, and our students gained a lot from this session.
Zoe Hunter
Tsai Center for Innovative Thinking at Yale
Patrina, you are amazing and the work you’re doing is making a great difference. Our 18 year-old really uses info you taught her. She surprises me with how financially savvy she’s become as a result of your books and sessions. Thank You!
Valeria Harris
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