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  • Leveling Up Your Money Checklist


    Looking for ways to level up your money? Look no further than this free Leveling Up Your Money Checklist that not only gives you direct resources but points you in the right money way! This will not only help you with direct saving and the idea of budgeting but also give you tips on how…

  • Saving Squares Downloadable


    Savings squares allow you to save weekly and to see your savings grow. This downloadable is amazing for kids, teens, and adults looking to reach their savings goals and train the brain to want to set aside money. The saving opportunity is endless, how much will you save and can you complete this sheet in…

  • It’$ My Money Wallets


    Looking for a way to store cash, coins, and cards? It’$ My Money Wallets are an amazing item to throw in any gym bag, purse, or backpack and even include a keychain.

  • How to Start a Podcast


    As an award nominated podcast host of 100+ episodes and counting and THOUSANDS of downloads, I put together this e-book to give you everything you need to know about starting a podcast.

    It’ll walk you through all the steps from choosing a name to marketing your show. This is perfect for you if you want to start your own podcast doesn’t know where to start.


    • Podcast E-Book Cover
    • Introduction
    • Choosing a Name For Your Show
    • Style
    • Hosting Sites
    • Creating Cover Art
    • Equipment
    • Editing
    • Various Platforms
    • Securing Guests
    • Frequency
    • Marketing
    • And more

    ***This is a digital product. The link to the PDF of the eBook will be in the receipt sent to the email you provide.

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  • Vol1 & Vol2 of It’$ My Money Journal Book Series


    Vol 1 and Vol 2 of It’$ My Money journal book series.

    Vol 1 is for ages 13-18

    Vol 2 is for ages 19-25

    Each provides great information on money topics aligned to the specific audience but can help anyone that needs help managing money.

  • You Are Enough! Messages Of Inspiration & Empowerment To Live Your Best Life


    This book is a compelling compilation of inspiring messages designed with one powerful underlying reminder for men and women globally… YOU ARE ENOUGH just as you are to create a life you’re in love with, to achieve your big dreams, to make great impact in the world, to transform other people’s lives with your unique talents, and to create a legacy that is never forgotten.

    This book will inspire, motivate, empower and equip readers just like you to recalibrate their mindset and reignite the fire within to design a life THAT IS filled with purpose, passion, and possibility. Oh, and did I mention that I’m a part of this book alongside world renowned motivational guru, Les Brown!!

    **There are no refunds due to nature of the order.

  • It’$ My Money Vol2


    #1 Best Seller – It’$ My Money: A Guided Journal to Help You Manage Your Finances, VOL2 is the second in a series of journals dedicated to financial literacy and money management. It is designed to enrich you with practical strategies to manage your money.

    There are great tips and guided questions to equip the reader with what they need to manage their money.

    Learn how to:

    • Start saving
    • Increase your savings
    • Use credit responsibly
    • Earn extra money
    • What it means to invest

    It includes:

    • Inspirational quotes throughout to keep you inspired along your journey
    • A glossary in the back
    • Lined pages for journaling

    Table of contents:

    • Employment
    • Banking
    • Budgeting
    • Saving
    • Funding College and FAFSA Refunds
    • Credit
    • Investing
    • Making Your Money Work for You
    • Buying a Car/House
    • Paying Bills
    • Gaming
    • Entrepreneurship/Side Hustles
  • Money Management Workbook


    This workbook includes practical worksheets and resources to help you level up your money. It will take you through the money management process. It is filled with actionable IMMEDIATE steps to help with your specific situation.

    Equips you to:

    • Create and Maintain a Budget
    • Methods to smash out debt
    • Best ways to save
    • Credit 101
    • Side Hustles to start today

    BONUS: It includes a 365 day savings plan. A great way to micro-save.

    *This is a Digital product for which you will immediately receive a link to the PDF after payment.

    **Due to the nature of this item, there are no refunds.

  • It’$ My Money – A guided journal to help you manage your finances (Vol 1)


    A Guided Journal to Help You Manage Your Finances is the first in a series of journals dedicated to financial literacy and money management. It is designed to enrich teenagers with simple but smart financial information. It provides inspiration quotes throughout and questions to reinforce the reading. The reader will be able to explore topics and increase their application of financial tools through specific action steps. It’$ My Money equips teens with the content and confidence needed to manage their finances! It also has a glossary in the back.

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