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Beyond Philanthropy: Nurturing Non-Profits with Lasheena Williams – Eps 139

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In this episode of The Money Exchange Podcast, I delve into the realm of non-profit empowerment with a remarkable guest, Lasheena Williams, the visionary CEO of The Non-Profit Enthusiast. Listen in as we explore the profound journey of The Non-Profit Enthusiast, an organization dedicated to nurturing non-profits beyond philanthropy.


Lasheena Williams shares her insights on how she empowers non-profit organizations to thrive by equipping them with essential tools, valuable resources, and expert guidance. Uncover the myths around non-profits, the difference between a for-profit and non-proft and dynamic approaches on how to foster growth and sustainability within the non-profit sector.


Tune into this episode and discover the transformative power of strategic empowerment as I unravel the inspiring story of The Non-Profit Enthusiast and its commitment to amplifying the impact of non-profit organizations.


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