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From Frustration to Feast: The Crabby Shack Story- Eps 133

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Join us in this episode as we dive into the inspiring journey of two tenacious female entrepreneurs, Fifi Bell, and Gwen Woods, who embarked on a flavorful adventure that began with frustration and ended with a feast.


Tired of the severe lack of crab options in the bustling streets of New York, it all started with a dinner party at Gwen’s house, where Fifi proposed the idea of opening a crab restaurant. A year later, their dream became a reality, and The Crabby Shack was born.


Discover how these two visionary women left their jobs behind to follow their passion for seafood and bring their dreams to life. From navigating the challenges of entrepreneurship to perfecting their unique crab recipes, this episode unravels the secrets behind their success.


Learn about the determination, dedication, and deliciousness that led to The Crabby Shack’s rise to seafood stardom in the Big Apple.  


Hit play and listen in on the dynamic duo behind The Crabby Shack.


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