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Dreams & Breakfast: A Conversation with the Visionary Behind Oak Bluffs Inn – Eps 138

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Join host Patrina Dixon in a captivating episode of The Money Exchange Podcast as she engages in a heartfelt conversation with Erik, the visionary behind Oak Bluffs Inn. Nestled by the beach, Oak Bluffs Inn has become a beacon of hospitality, drawing guests back time and again. In this episode, we explore the reasons behind the inn’s charm and success.


For those aspiring to enter the world of bed and breakfast ownership, Erik shares valuable advice. From considering the high entry costs to prioritizing guest safety and continuously improving based on feedback, his insights provide a roadmap for turning dreams into a thriving reality.


Tune in to this episode for an inside look at Oak Bluffs Inn, where dreams meet breakfast, and discover the secrets behind the warmth and allure that keep guests returning to this idyllic haven by the beach.


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