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Saving Your Home From Foreclosure with Sarah Poriss – Eps 42

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A consumer protection attorney defines foreclosure, how to prevent foreclosure and what to do if it happens to you. She walks through the various stages and where you can find a consumer protection attorneys in your area. Sarah Poriss is an attorney in West Hartford, Connecticut who has made a career of working with people who are in some kind of financial crisis. She helps homeowners who are behind on their mortgages or are in foreclosure, as well as counseling people who are overwhelmed by credit card debt, and who want to improve their credit scores. She is the author of Got Debt? Dispatches from the Front Lines of America’s Financial Crisis, a book of stories of working with people in debt over the last ten years, which is available on You should follow her on Facebook You can find the the host here: Instagram: OR Twitter: Facebook: OR join our group

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