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How to Scale Your Business Successfully with Dr. Cozette White – Eps. 77

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Dr Cozette drops gems on how you can scale your business. She also explains how to not let money be a barrier while exploring other barrier. We are excited to bring to you Dr. Cozette M. White. Dr. White is a nationally recognized Tax & Accounting Strategist, international speaker, bestselling author and philanthropist. Dr. White has more than 20 years of experience in corporate America. In her roles, she was responsible for the financial affairs of the organization and focused on a broad range of financial, operational, strategic and executive leadership issues impacting the organization. Dr. White helps entrepreneurs and individuals make wealth a priority by creating tangible results that make a meaningful difference in their lifes. She has a passion for helping people just like you and I gain clarity, focus and take control of their finances…with confidence! She’s been coined the “Financial Physician” as a result of her unparalleled ability to empower her clients to ditch debt and develop a plan to create the kind of wealth that leaves a secure financial legacy. She’s able to diagnose negative money stories and provide a cure to transform limited beliefs to the sky’s the limit! She prescribes just the right Financial Rx to boost your financial health. Dr. White is the resident Money Matter’s Tax Expert for FOX40. Her advice has been called upon by CBS This Morning, ABC, and NBC television stations. She’s a recurring voice to millions making regular appearances in various national media outlets, including Black Enterprise, Forbes, Women of Wealth, Upscale, The Huffington Post, and countless newspapers across the globe. Dr. White is a 6 time bestselling author. Dr. White was awarded the President’s Lifetime Achievement Award by President Barack Obama. She is the Founder & CEO of My Financial Home Enterprises, a certified woman owned financial firm. Follow the host:

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