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How To Teach Kids About Personal Finances – Eps 113

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As a parent, your kids are always learning from you. Practicing good financial management in their presence will help them develop good financial habits early on and set them up for success in the future.


This is a cause for which Clifton D. Corbin is a champion. After two decades of experience, Clifton decided to leave his office job to become a full-time stay-at-home dad. 


While taking care of his family, Clifton has been able to co-launch Tapvigo, a touchless content delivery solution that brings digital content to the physical world. 


He has also authored his first book, Your Kids, Their Money, focused on providing parents with the skills and tools to teach financial literacy to their children.


Clifton strongly believes personal finance is an essential life skill that everyone should learn, including children and he shared how every parent can get to communicate with their children about finances regardless of what stage they are at in their financial journey. 

  • Mini Financial Planner. I digital tool that will help you get your dollars in order. 


  • Master Being An Affiliate gives you what you need to earn money passively being an affiliate marketer. 


  • How To Start A Podcast E-Book. 


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