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The Financial Order of Operation -Eps 92

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How much money do you earn, spend and invest? Have you ever critically analyzed this? Lawrence Delva-Gonzales believes if one can get to the root of these aspects, one can overcome debt and normalize happiness. However, this is action-oriented and only a handful of people put into practice the financial knowledge they come across each day. Lawrence and his wife went from over $150,000 in student loan and credit card debt to over $650,000 in wealth (as of December 2021). Two homes and over 13 countries traveled together, they are proving that the average 9-5 person can become millionaires in less than 15 years. He shares his story and resourceful tips one can follow suit to create generational wealth within themselves, their family, and community. Connect with host, Patrina Dixon +Instagram +Facebook +Twitter +YouTube +Pinterest +Website +The “Master Becoming an Affiliate” course Master Being an Affiliate: Connect with guest, Lawrence Delva- Gonzales +Instagram +Website

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