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3 Ways to Overcome Financial Barriers

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Many of us are constantly weighing, thinking and considering the “what if’s” in life. What if I didn’t have all this debt? What if I changed career paths? What if I didn’t do xyz years ago? The questions are endless and overtime they begin to make way into our daily life and can even cause further issues- especially with your wellness and financial wellbeing. As Women’s History Month comes to a close, we have heard stories of influential women all month, been inspired by women who navigate these spaces and now it’s time for women to put into action what they’ve always dreamt about.

Much of my financial content can apply to all ages, genders, races and demographics. This week I want to highlight specifically the importance of financial literacy and education for women, women of color, moms, wife’s, and role models– as we face unique challenges and setbacks that not all do.

Breaking the traditional finance idea

Women often aren’t considering to be in the financial space, and are minimized when thought of within certain spaces. However, there is nothing standing in our way from learning and growing as a financially-educated individual. As the gender-wage gap continues to prove as a real issue, it’s vital that we continue to educate and grow our money as any other person would!

Experiencing Imposter Syndrome

Experiencing imposter syndrome in financial education spaces, especially for women is unfortunately common due to various societal factors and systemic inequalities. Imposter syndrome can create feelings of self-doubt, insecurity, and the fear of not being deserving despite one’s accomplishments and qualifications. Continue to tell yourself that you deserve a well-structured financial world, and that everything you have created is fully yours!

Utilize Online Tools

It can be overwhelming to have financial issues and not know where to begin. To pay for a financial advisor isn’t an option for all of us, and to know where to begin is EVEN harder. There are plenty of online tools that can help aid you in your journey for no cost- even some reading materials as well! If a personal finance college course costs $1000+, and you can get some of that information for free, why wouldn’t you?

As a way to help you start that journey, I’ve officially launched a built in resource page to my site to help you understand your finances better.

Car Loan Calculator

CD Calculator

Compound Interest Calculator

Debt Pay off Calculator

Emergency Fund Calculator

IRA Calculator

Mortgage Calculator

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Connect with Community

One of the best things you can continue to do for your mental, physical and emotional wealth is to meet others. Find affinity in groups of people who may have similar situations to you or may have advice for you. Hearing others who are in your situation or in close proximity, can provide you with great inspiration. Consider finding groups on:

Facebook Groups (check out mine here!)

Instagram Accounts

Linkedin Pages

EventBrite Events Near You

Courses/Third Party Communities

One of the most fulfilling parts of my job is going to in-person and getting to physically connect with others. Hearing their stories, their why’s and understanding why they want the education is so important to my business journey. It’s even more fulfilling when I can change their life with knowledge I once learned myself. Consider attending these free or low-cost local events near you, you never know who you might meet!

Practicing Holistic Wellness

Often times we become clouded by the amount of bills we have to pay, stressed that rent is due or unsure of the future. During these challenging times it’s important to take a look at your finances in a holistic way to help aid your mind and heart through the journey.

Gratitude & Growth

Understand that where you are right now, is never permanent and you have the means to change your life however you see possible! Consider writing down or thinking about all of the good things in your life, your health, your family, opportunity to change, opportunity to work or maybe just the opportunity to live life. If you find yourself rooted in a certain set of beliefs, lean into that!

Focus on Your Physical Health

You won’t be able to think clearly or make rationale decisions if your physical health isn’t prioritized. Take time to eat a good meal, go for a walk, listen to a podcast, meditate or step into your faith. Whatever physical health looks like for you- root yourself in health. Health is wealth!

Understanding Deeper Causes

As we address the topic of women-centered experiences- it’s always important to understand “societal” barrier that might challenge you- however it’s just that, a challenge! What societal expectations or stereotypes have the world placed on you? How can you advocate and show up for others to showcase that you are more than that? Maybe that’s time volunteering with others, finding purpose in your community and connecting with others online. Provide your experience with others and listen to others. Guide others to a world where we continue to lift each other up!

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