celebrating trailblazers in the black community

Celebrating Trailblazers In The Black Community

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​I was invited by Experian to take part in another #credit chat. It was an awesome experience where we got talk about personal finance and celebrate those in the Black Community who are leaders, change makers, and celebrating trailblazers in the black community in honor of Black History Month.

I’m going to share with you the questions that we were  asked and my answers to them.

1. Tell Us About Yourself and Your Work!

I am a Certified Financial Educational instructor, a #1 Best selling author and international speaker. My team and I teach financial workshops. I founded It’$ My Money®, which is a trademark brand, educating people of varying ages to better manage their money and earn more side hustles. I also have a podcast where I interview guests and share financial tips!

​I am also a mom, wife and recent caregiver. I love faux frogs and the TV shows Law and Order and Shark Tank.


2. Who Were Some Role Models You Looked Up to When Choosing a Career Path?

There were so many people that I am in awe of. Some many people out there doing such amazing work. I want to start by naming my mom.

I also would say my make believe aunties, Oprah and The Money Coach, Lynnette Khalfani-Cox. And I also can’t wait to someday meet The Budgetnista, Tiffany Aliche. Words can’t express how proud I am of this young lady and the works she is doing pave the way for us. Journey to Launch‘s founder, Jamila Souffrant is also one of my favorites.

3. What Makes a Person a Trailblazer?

In my opinion, a trailblazer is someone who is doing work that is bigger than themselves. They are doing work, not for accolades, but for impact. They are using their skills coupled with their lived experiences in a positive way to help someone else.


They are someone making good trouble. They are also masters at perseverance. They understand the assignment.

The work I am called to do transforms the lives of people of varying ages. The things they learn in a workshop I facilitate or speeches I give, changes how they feel about and treat their money. This impacts their life and the lives of their families.

I want to share one great way you can change your life for the better. Check out LinkedIn Learning! LinkedIn Learning offers you so many ways you can learn new skills to change your career for the better. There are expert lead courses on all kinds of topics that can help you to be more marketable for potential job opportunities. You can’t save money if you aren’t making it to start with. Learn more about the new skills you can learn with LinkedIn Learning herePicture
4. What Motivated You to Pursue the Work You Are Doing?

My own personal story contributes to why I do the work I do today. I made a lot of money and spent just as much as I made. Sometimes before I even got it. When I learned that there was a better way to handle money and ways to make it grow – I wanted to teach EVERYONE.

I used to just teach and not share my personal story, however, once I started telling people my own story, I found it was much more impactful as it was relatable to so many.

I also wanted to help out by giving people access to free resources so they can start their journey to financial freedom. Check out some of my amazing free resources here!


5. How Have You Used Times of Struggle in the Past to Fuel Your Success Today?

When you have lived paycheck to paycheck — robbing Peter to pay Paul — and then learn how to do it differently, this is the motivation to not go back to the past. That motivation helps you drive your success today. Today I now know why Peter always had money and he is no longer getting robbed – at not be me.

6. Why Do You Think it’s Important to Have Diverse Voices in Your Profession?

Representation matters. I heard someone say, “If you can’t see, then you think you can’t be it.” Varying, diverse


 experiences help those learning get different perspectives.
Have you thought about making your voice heard and sharing your experiences? Maybe through a blog or website? Namecheap is a great place to get started. Get your site created with a domain that represents you! Get your .com started for a good price and start sharing your voice. Check Namecheap out here.
7. How Do You Think the Diversity and Inclusion Landscape is Evolving in Your Profession?

It is beginning to acknowledge the enormous depth of experts and resource of different walks, of different ethnicities and persuasions and calibers in a variety ways. So, yes it is certainly evolving but still a very long way to go.


8. What Advice Would You Give Someone Who is Just Beginning to Blaze their Own Trail?

Don’t compare yourself to others. Love what you do. Exude confidence. Provide value and great customer service. Do these things and you will keep paid clients and get referrals. Lastly always remember your “why.”

9. What Role Did Credit and Finance Play in Your Professional and Personal Journey?

Where do I begin? They played a lot as what I was doing was all wrong and I learned a better way and I have never looked back. Both credit and finance had a profound impact on my professional and personal journey and have drive to learn and learn more helped me and helps my community.

10 . How Can We Continue to Pave a Path for Future Trailblazers?

By sharing our stories, both the success and failures. This was others can see what happens when goals manifest. Be a resource for others and give warnings for pitfalls. Invite people to the table that may not have the opportunity to be there otherwise. Remember your start – which means be patient with the newcomers.​



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​It was a great opportunity to be a part of another the Experian Twitter #creditchat. I loved getting to share along side other members of the Black Personal Finance Community all about celebrating trailblazers in the black community
making an impact here and now in honor of Black History Month. You can see the full panel line up here.

If you enjoyed, leave a comment and share these great resources with others.

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