Let's Get Real Part Four Real Estate Side Hustle

Let’s Get Real: Part Four- Real Estate Side Hustle

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Welcome to the last part of this series! Hopefully, you learned how to save, mortgage, and refinance. Returning to the topic of saving, you need money to save! If your regular income stream is not enough to reach those significant goals of that beautiful new home or remodeled patio- side hustles are great options. Did you know there are many side hustles within Let’s Get Real: Part Four- Real Estate Side Hustle that you can get involved in? These will allow you to make that extra money and support those budgets, fund, and saving goals. Let’s talk about five options!

​Bird Dog- Bird Dogging is a person that can scout out potential properties that are good investment opportunities and will likely make a large amount of profit. It’s then passed onto the real estate investor, and if it’s successfully sold, the bird dog receives a commission. This keeps commitment time low, and if you are already out, you can get paid for spotting great potential! Depending on hiring choices and opportunities, it maybe is commission when the deal closes or paid-per-lead!

Affiliate Marketing- Affiliate Marketing is an easy way to get involved with companies with a specific target market. If you have a phone, laptop, tablet, and a desire to make money- you can! You can get started following laws such as CAN-SPAM, Fair Housing, and other legal obligations. If you want to figure out how to be affiliate marketing- check out my course here!


​Virtual Assistant- Real Estate Agents, Investors, and professionals are sometimes too busy to keep up with administrative tasks to keep their business running. This is an excellent opportunity to hire a virtual assistant- which YOU can do! Check out this Virtual Assistant Course here.

​​REIT Investing- Real Estate Investment Trusts make money through mortgages, underlying Let’s Get Real: Part Four- Real Estate Side Hustle development, or rental incomes once the property is developed. They usually offer some of the highest dividend yields in the stock market and provide investors with a steady stream of income. REITs must payout at least 90% of their net earnings to shareholders as dividends, making it a safe choice. Read more about it here!



Rentals- If you have an extra room, or even a different home- renting it is a great way to make extra money. If you have EXTRA cash, purchasing a single-family house is a great way to make money. As rent increases in many places, it’s become a popular side hustle. Invest money into the physical property and become a landlord, collecting rent!
Be sure to create a budget before starting your side hustle to be clear on how much money you need to be making with this additional income. Truebill is an app that makes it easy to cancel subscriptions you’ve forgotten about, helps you lower your bills, and ensures that you stay on budget. Learn more about Trub ill HERE.
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