Rich Habits for 2024 Money

4 Rich Money Moves & Habits You NEED to Start in the New Year

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Money, good health & prosperity for 2024. The clock strikes midnight, and suddenly we are placed into the world of new. The new year often brings a sense of refreshment, ability to start over and a chance to reinvent yourself. The problem that arises… consistency. We become over excited with all the things we want to accomplish, and by March we are burnt out, and end up dropping those good habits we should have kept!

I’m here to tell you that not only can you avoid that, but the new year shouldn’t be a benchmark to START! You can start these habits at any point in the year, and use time as a benchmark to see how you have progressed. Remove yourself from thinking that January 1 has special power to start healthy, good, habits. There’s no shame in practicing what you want to change mid August, beginning of September or late May. Regardless, this weeks blog is going to provide you with what you can do to start doing in the new year (if you haven’t already).

These habits will help you create a wealthy lifestyle, filled with richness both financially, mentally, physically and spiritually! The best part: you can do it all year round!

#1: 60 Mins of Education

Many of haven’t been in school in years, or some of us may be returning to finish a degree, obtain a new one or just do it for fun. Regardless of your current educational status, it is so important to continuously challenge your mind and learn new things. We spend so much time scrolling on our phones mindlessly, that over a course of a week, it’s easy to rack up multiple hours on social media. Why not use that time to keep your mind healthy and running?

Commit your schedule to at least one hour of education a week. This means you sit down and watch an educational YouTube video, show, documentary, listen to a podcast, read a blog or a book and really re-engage your mind. Here’s a running list of topics that you may want to learn more about:

  • Personal Finances
  • Investing
  • Taxes
  • Home-Buying Processes
  • Real Estate
  • Side Hustle Topics
  • History
  • Current News
  • Politics
  • Religion

As much as this is a personal finance centered blog, becoming wealthy in all areas of life is just as important! Remember to keep learning no matter where you are in life… it’s free!

#2: Money-Saving Mindset

It’s easy to get that weekly or bi-weekly pay check and feel refreshed. Suddenly you feel okay to splurge on that item, but end up forgetting about those loans, debt or bills that are quietly sitting in the side of your office. Don’t fall victim to this!

Make it a habit to consistently ask yourself: will I be okay without this item/service or product for another 3 weeks? Will the price drop soon? What else do I have set as a PRIORITY to pay off?

Saving money can easily be game-ified. The more money you save, you can feel like you’re winning the game. There’s no sense in paying full price for a shirt when a sale could occur, you can get a discount online or you can just wait! Maybe that shirt is trendy now but you won’t like it in a few years… then is it really worth it?

Alway consider the usage you will get out of something and translate that into the price you are about to pay for it! This is extremely helpful when you actually need an item and it may ring in a little higher. But if it’s something you can utilize a lot and NEED, it’s 100% worth it!

#3: Journaling

I talk a lot about journaling from both a financial and mental health perspective, however it’s a great habit to start every year. By having a “paper trail” either digital or physical, you are able to track your progress, and who wouldn’t want to see how they have progressed? You can journal on your computer by making a quick folder of 2023 journals or purchase a journal and write down all of your thoughts. Utilize your journal as a personal therapist, support system and friend. Some topics you are able to journal about could be:

  • Goals for 2024 (and monthly check ins)
  • Current financial situation
  • Current mental health status
  • Current relationships
  • Big events for 2024
  • Things you need to plan for (financially and mentally)
  • Thoughts about money & your relationship
  • Current struggles

#4: Time Utilization

In correlations with 60 minutes of education, a rich habit to begin is really analyzing your time. Understand that any time you spend scrolling, lounging, binge-watching that show you’ve seen 7 times… your losing money! Of course taking time for yourself is important, but the activities you are doing to relax shouldn’t rely on other people. For example, self care time may involve activites such as yoga, meditation, religious involvement, baths, watching that new show, working out, walking, etc. These self care activities should be wealthy in mind, body or spirit.

So what do you do with all the extra time? Start a side hustle! Many of us have heard it, you should discover what you like to do for fun and turn it into a lucrative side hustle to make extra money. You might not know where to start, and that’s where the 60 minutes of education comes in! Sides hustles to get your brain moving may be:

  • Baking (Opening an at-home bakery)
  • Nails / Hair (From Home)
  • Painting (Sell your paintings, teach others how to do it)
  • Graphic Design
  • Affiliate Marketing & Content Creation
  • Youtube Channel on any topic
  • Blogging on any topic
  • Photography

What makes the perfect side hustle? You enjoy it, it feels like a hobby not a job, and it helps another person! The recipe is there, now you just have to cook it!

Money moves only for 2024!

Rich habits don’t just mean rich in money… it means rich in mind, body, spirit and in return you will see amazing things begin to unfold for you. The new year is almost upon us, us the time to reflect, re-engage and rewrite what you can do for your mind and money in 2024!

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