how to get your credit ready for 2023

How To Get Your Credit Ready For 2023

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This month I had the opportunity participate on another Twitter #CreditChat hosted by Experian. The topic was “How to get your credit ready for your 2023 goals”. I thought you all would enjoy my responses to the varies questions they posed. This gives a tad more than I provided on Twitter due to character limitations.

The Questions

They kicked it off with, “why is it important to set credit goals in economies with increasing costs?” 

I believe it is it is important to set credit goals to ensure you are maintaining good credit levels at all times.

Then they asked, “what credit goals can you set now for the New Year?”

My suggestions of credit goals for 2023 were:

  1. Do things to increase your credit score.
  2. Pay off debt or pay down your debt.
  3. Restore bad credit.
  4. For those of you that don’t have any credit, establish credit.

For 3 and 4, a secure How To Get Your Credit Ready For 2023 card may be a good option. I have a partner called Credit Builder Card that offers a great secure card that allows you to restore or build you credit. It does require you to “put up” money to “secure” the credit that is extended to you. But it’s an amazing resource to get that credit score up! You can check them out here.

Here is a little video I did in secure cards:

They asked, “where can you get started when setting your credit goals?”

This one was an easy one! First, pull a copy of your credit reports from This site give you the opportunity to get a copy of your report for the 3 major bureaus in the United States. Second, get your FICO credit score. Some apps provide your vantage credit score be it is better to know your FICO score as currently more creditors use that methodology. Having the reports and FICO scores gives you a basis from which you start.

Then they asked, “if your goal is to improve your credit score, what steps can you take now to move the needle forward?”

My automatic response to this was get a deeper understanding of the components of the credit score. Begin reviewing your budget to see which expenses you can reduce to pay more towards your debt and pay it on time and this will minor, consistent steps will help move the needle.

The next question was, “what are the most important factors in calculating credit scores?”

I touched it a bit above, the BIGGEST is laying on time. This 35% of your credit score, by credit line, the next would be not carrying balances (or no more that 20% – 30% of available credit each month) and the 3rd price would be having your credit like for a good length of time. Check out a all 5 components of a credit score here.

Another questions was, “if your goal is to pay off debt, what are some strategies that can help you?

A good prices to help wine this is organization. You need to know who you owe, what you owe them, when it is due and how much interest you are paying. This way, you can determine which will be the one you tackle first. There is free debt tracker on my resource page completely free to you!

If you’re looking for a great resource to help you get more detailed with your budget is Rocket Money. They have a budget tracker that will help you to keep your money managed and they can even help you to save some money as well! You can check them out here.

I also created a couple other resources that can help as well:


Both are digital, cute and are great resources to help you with your journey.

The final question was an identity theft question.

This can be a bear if this happens. It is always good to protect yourself. Some think not having credit is a better form of protection but do you know it is very hard and expensive to get a hotel room or rental car without a how to get your credit ready for 2023
. The better way to protect your identify is with a form of identification protection, like LegalShield.

LegalShield is an online legal service that can help you with your small business or your personal life with affordable legal coverage. You can check them out here.


I hope these tips and suggestions will help you and your families. You can also follow me on Twitter. You will know when I am a guest financial expert on a future #CreditChat hosted by Experian.

Let me know if you would use any of these tips or if you have any others that you would add down in the comments below!

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