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3 Ways to Implement Self Care to Better Your Financial Wellness

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Self-care is important. Being in the financial space, most people would expect me to speak about investing, trading, bonds, and stocks. While those topics are needed for investment moves, I often discuss personal investment by way of mental health and self-care, a topic that comes up on social media, educational discussions, and financial spaces.

The saying “You can’t pour from an empty cup” has been around for decades, and many of us associate it with physical health. Yearly check-ups to the doctors, getting in some physical activity, and getting rest are all great ways to take care of your body physically, but mentally- many of us struggle. It’s easy to get lost in the way of the daily hustle and grind- raising kids, balancing a job, supporting loved ones, and maybe even trying to get in some “me time” feels almost impossible.

This week we are going to talk about ways you can invest in yourself, fill your cup, and flourish financially as a “return on investment”.

Practice Self Kindness!

Trending on social media are videos of young children and their parents integrating affirmations daily. To adults- it might seem silly. However, personal affirmations to yourself whether said aloud or to yourself can boost your spirits, allow you to feel confident, and show up to spaces as your true authentic self. Affirmations can be targeted to whatever topics you need to address, maybe that’s just basic self-love, maybe it’s overcoming financial trauma, or dealing with stress. Speak to yourself kindly, reminding yourself that you are… human! Here are a few affirmations you can try speaking into the world!

  • I am kind.
  • I am a strong individual.
  • I can overcome any challenge that comes my way.
  • I am worthy of financial freedom.
  • I will prioritize my financial well-being.
  • My self-worth is NOT tied to my bank account amount.
  • I am thankful and grateful for my resources.
  • I can start again.
  • I release my fears and anxiety and know I am capable of change.
  • I am wealthy.
  • I am human. No feat is too large. I am worthy of a victory.

Begin within your comfort level.

Personal finances and the topic of money is NOT easy, at least we commonly don’t think so. It’s easy to be overwhelmed by debt, credit, bills and a bunch of numbers that start to blend together. However, it’s important to realize that small steps are the best way to begin. Maybe you don’t have it in you to begin opening HYSA accounts, and you just need to sort out your money- that’s okay! Be kind to yourself and understand where you need to start in order for your journey to be productive. Here are some good starting points:

  1. Gathering your items. This may sound silly, but this is real! You may want to start by collecting your bills, sorting them by month, and understanding how much you have to pay off and how much income you are bringing in. Take the time to do this, whether online or on paper.
  2. Create a budget. Once you have your items, this is the easiest part. How much are you bringing in from all streams of income? Then deduct common spending, rent, utilities, groceries, etc. How much is left? What else is a necessity? Grab a budget sheet here.

Keep your brain active!

Self care can mean education. We often spend our time scrolling mindlessly during any break we have. This could be after dinner, while waiting for your kids, while eating or in between workout sets. Don’t scroll just to scroll! Invest in yourself for FREE with the thousands of resources online. Youtube Videos, Podcasts, Blogs, Infographics on Socials and E-Books are AMAZING ways to utilize your time. Take time to learn a new skill, learn more about a topic or discover something new about yourself. It’s all out there for free, why not utilize your time?

Often times based on your location you can also find FREE or low cost events that you can attend on websites like eventbrite! These opportunities you NEED to take advantage of. You may learn something new about yourself or a topic, network with someone you may have never met otherwise, or find someone who you can connect with on your journey! These events can be life-changing!

p.s If you’re a company looking to host one of these life-changing sessions on personal finance, email me at [email protected]!

Time to put it into action.

At the end of the day, your biggest opponent in life is yourself. Your biggest setback is yourself. Your biggest supporter is yourself. You are the only person you are CONSTANTLY with, no breaks allowed! So be nice to yourself, move with grace, and find comfort in knowing that small steps can have a big impact. You got this money maker!

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