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3 Things You Can Do To Start Your Own Business: The Crabby Shack’s Inspirational Journey

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New York City is known for its diverse and vibrant culinary scene, but there was something missing amidst the myriad of options – a lack of crab. That’s when Fifi and Gwen, two ambitious female entrepreneurs, decided to take matters into their own hands. Their story is a testament to the power of passion, dedication, the love for seafood in way of motivating you to find inspiration from these ladies and to start your own business!

A Crustacean Craving Leads to Culinary Ambition

It all started one fateful evening at Gwen’s house during a dinner party. Fifi, a seafood enthusiast, couldn’t help but express her frustration about the scarcity of quality crab options in the city that never sleeps. As the evening went on, the idea of opening a crab restaurant began to take shape.

Fast forward a year, and The Crabby Shack was born. Fifi and Gwen left their corporate jobs behind to venture into the world of culinary entrepreneurship, taking the first steps on a path that would change their lives forever.

The Birth of The Crabby Shack

The Crabby Shack isn’t just any seafood joint; it’s a labor of love that stems from their passion for crab. The restaurant quickly gained popularity for its unique and mouthwatering crab dishes, serving up delectable crab rolls, crab boils, and more. The founders’ dedication to quality and innovation set them apart in the competitive New York City food scene.

Their unique recipes have attracted individuals from all over the country from celebrities to food lovers from outside New York and as if that is not enough the story of Crabby Shack has been shared on major news outlets and of recent they had the opportunity to be part of the dining at the US Open. 

The Challenges of Entrepreneurship

However, it wasn’t always big stages and huge numbers because starting a restaurant is no easy feat, and Fifi and Gwen had their share of challenges. From securing their finances and dealing with the intricacies of the restaurant industry, they faced it all head-on. 

In The Money Exchange Podcast, they shared that they had to save up their earnings for up to five years to raise enough money to run their restaurant. Their determination, however, was unwavering and they were able to set up their restaurant without any lending.

The Recipe for Success

So, what makes The Crabby Shack a sensation in the city? It isn’t just the delicious crab dishes but also the story behind it. Fifi and Gwen’s passion and authenticity were key ingredients in their recipe for success. 

They created a brand that resonated with seafood lovers, and their dedication to sustainability and supporting local suppliers added a unique flavor to their venture. For instance their new sauce to accompany their meals is everyone’s delight and keeps the customers coming back for more.

A Delicious Inspiration turned Action

The story of Fifi and Gwen’s journey from working in corporate to culinary delight is nothing short of inspirational. It shows that following your passion, no matter how unconventional, can lead to extraordinary success. Their story also highlights the power of collaboration and the strength of female entrepreneurs in a competitive industry.

The idea that you can start your own business, as long as you have passion is something It’$ My Money encourages in all aspects. Maybe you have a passion for food, for travel, for shopping or for teaching. You can easily turn that into your full time job (or side hustle) if you put your mind to it.

Brainstorm, Note and Write

Often we have the best ideas at random times. Have you ever randomly thought about what it would be like to live lavish? You start to day dream about your passion come to life, when you’re kicked back to reality. Don’t make that the case! Always have pen and paper with you and write down your thoughts, even the small ones! Brainstorm your idea for your business, what would it look like? What would you do? Is there a need for it from people?

Utilize Social Media to Begin Asking Questions

Connect with family, friends, and colleagues to see if they would be interested in your business. Take time to learn about who and what is already within that space and the opportunities (such as grants) available to you to be able to start. Grants allow you to jumpstart your business through money that you don’t have to pay back. It essentially is a way for organizations and larger businesses to support small business startup. There’s tons of opportunities from food to apparel to services and everything in between! If your looking for grant opportunities and want to start the journey, join me on Substack as I give you grants every month and help you to apply!

Take Setbacks as Lessons, and Keep Going!

Sometimes the best businesses start small, see opposition and are met with doubt. Don’t let that stop you! The amount of money you have in the bank doesn’t define you. Where you come from doesn’t define you. Any bad happenings in your life do not define you. Money is available from grants, people are available for support and customers are just one stage away from loving your product or service! Take your time, be intentional and don’t let judgement or failure ruin amazing potential! Even the actioning of wanting to start your own business is enough!


The Crabby Shack is not just a restaurant; it’s a symbol of what can be achieved with a strong vision, relentless determination, and a love for the craft. Fifi and Gwen have proven that with the right recipe, you can turn frustration into culinary delight and a craving for crab into a thriving business.

Their journey is a testament to the idea that when you follow your passion and stay true to your vision, you can create something truly remarkable. So, the next time you find yourself in New York City, be sure to visit The Crabby Shack and savor the delicious result of this inspirational entrepreneurial journey.

Always remember that if you are looking to start your own business, you have support here from It’$ My Money!

Would you like to hear from the founders of The Crabby Shack? Listen to them share their story in Episode 133 of The Money Exchange Podcast!

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