5 Ways To Spring Clean Up Your Budget

5 Ways To Spring Clean Up Your Budget

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Spring is one of my favorite times of the year. I love the longer days and the bright sun shinning in Connecticut. Many people spring clean their homes, but it also the perfect time to spruce up your budget especially with tax refunds coming in!

​Remember those money goals you set in January? Time to revisit them and make sure your budget reflects your financial needs for the remainder of the year. Here are 5 Ways To Spring Clean Up Your Budget.

1. Lower Your Grocery Bill

Food is a major part of the budget for many people. Finding ways to cut your grocery bill can make a major difference in managing your finances. Try couponing or switching to store brands to save. You can also watch the sales papers and coupons to make sure you’re getting the best price for the products you use.

It is a great idea to make a list so you don’t buy things you don’t need. Also considering going go the stores a little further from your house. Sometimes you may be paying more going to the convenience store close to your home as opposed to the grocery store further from your home.


One great way to save on your budget is to shop at places that have good prices. Walmart is a great place to get great deals on your everyday grocery needs as well as your other basic needs.

You can shop in person or online. They have great deals on all of the things you love. Check out Walmart here.

2. Automate Your Saving

Saving money is difficult for some people. Whether it’s enticing sales or your daily cup of gourmet coffee, sometimes tons of the smallest purchases can throw you off track.

​In order to make saving easier, try automating the process. It is often called “Pay Yourself First.” Set up an online only savings account, using a savings account that yield high interest such as Ally, Capital One 360 Performance or American Express Savings, to name a few, or at a local credit union. Determine a certain dollar amount to go into that savings account then automate it. Yes, have the set amount automatically deposited into the new savings account.

If you work for an employer, once you have the account number information you can tell your employer to put that set amount in that account from every paycheck and the rest into your checking account.


If you own a business and manage your own money, it can be very helpful to have a tool to deal with those finances.

HoneyBook is a great resources to help you deal with your clients and manage the money you make. You can pay invoices, make payments, and more! Check out HoneyBook here.

3. Clean Up Your Spending

While spring cleaning your home, think about cleaning up your spending as well. It’s the perfect time to cancel any subscriptions to services that you haven’t used such as gym memberships, magazines and things like that.

Rocket Money is a great resource to help you get your finances all in order. With Rocket Money you can not only get a good budget going, but also save money on your bills.


It can also help you to bring attentions to subscriptions and recurring payments for things you may not be using. Check out Rocket Money here.

You can also review your cable and cell phone terms and see if you can get better rates at another provider or by calling your current provider to negotiate the terms. You can consider this for car interest and other reoccurring month bills.

​Try calling your credit card company to get you interest rates lowered as well. The point here is to review things that are preventing you from saving or from saving even more than you are and cut those things out!

4. Budget Your Income and Expenses


Use free resources to help you organize all income and expenses. I have create several that will help on. You can go to the resource page on my website to get access to a free budget tracker and more.

​You can also purchase this mini financial planner which costs less then some of the meals at McDonalds. ​

There are also a lot of great podcast and YouTube channels that are a wealth of knowledge. Be sure to research the person giving the information as well as the information itself to make sure it is legit and something you should be following.

5. Get the Professional Help You Need

If you need help from a professional – get it. Just like when you need to get your car serviced of get a hair cut, if something is not in your lane, you seek the support of an expert in that field. It’s a good idea to do the same thing with your finances if you’re unsure of what to do or you just need some extra help.

A great resource to get some legal help for more complex financial matters like wills and estate planning, is LegalShield.

​LegalShield is a great way to get expert legal advice for a more affordable cost. They can help you manage money issues for things like wills and other financial issues. Check out LegalShield here.



These are 5 changes you can immediately that can help you make the most of your money this spring and the rest of the year. Have fun with these things as you make big changes toward reaching your financial goals!

If you have any additional ideas to help “Spring” clean your finances, I would love for you to share in comments.

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