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Financial Fornication with Madam Money – Eps20

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Get ready for a hearty and comical conversation I had with Ms. MadamMoney. She tells us about being a financial fornication and being fiscally bi-lingual with learning the 4 financial languages. Tarra Jackson, aka Madam Money, is the author of best-selling book, “Financial Fornication.” She is a popular Personal Finance Expert, TV & Radio Personality, Financial Contributor, and Animated Speaker. Tarra has an extensive professional background and experience in the financial services industry ranging from Bank Officer to Vice President of Lending of several financial institutions across the country, as well as the Executive Vice President and Interim President & CEO at a credit union in Atlanta, GA. Tarra is also the founder of the (hashtag) #WomensWealth movement, where she provides online classes and hosts the B.O.S.S. (Business Owner Success Strategies) Brunch Tour across the United States. Tarra inspires her audience to have more pleasurable and enjoyable relationships with their finances. IG, FB, Twitter: msmadammoney #MadamMoney #DUALPrenuer #WomensWealth #FiscallyBilingual #4financiallanguages Sponsored by Midithings IG and FB: midithings #midithings

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