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How To Lessen Your Tax Bill As A Business -Eps 90

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A great deal of people in America cringe at the word of taxes because they have a big deal reconciling them at the appropriate time. Daniela Ngounou, a Business and Wealth Coach and Speaker who totally understands the subject of taxes shares with us in this episode how you can lessen your tax burden and run a successful business. She also highlights how you can make your money make more money and why it is important to separate your business and personal finances. If you are in need of an extra source of income, affiliate marketing can help you achieve that with the help of The “Master Becoming an Affiliate” course. Check it out here: Connect with host, Patrina Dixon +Instagram +Facebook +Twitter +YouTube +Pinterest +Website Connect with guest, Daniela Ngounou Daniela’s Launch Your Business Course: +Instagram +YouTube

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