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Online Course with Course Consultant Angelic – Eps. 76

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Angelic drop gems on how you can make money with courses. She give 3 tips you an execute and get started right ways. Angelic Marnier is the Founder of Corporate Countdown – a web based coaching system that helps women transition out of their 9 to 5 jobs and into careers that excite them. She is a Cum Laude UCLA graduate, with a BA in Mass Communications. Time after time her and her co-workers would talk and dream about getting out of their desk jobs, but had no clue how. They needed a proven system they could follow and see results that would allow them to replace their income so that they could spend more time with their kids and spouses, instead of giving the best hours of their day to someone else’s dream. They wanted to have a safe transition out, so there were no major interruptions in their income…and that’s how Corporate Countdown came to be. At Corporate Countdown we show women, who want to leave their jobs, how to make money Find guest: corporate_countdown Free Starter Kit: Host can be found at:

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