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Personal Finance: It’s More Than Numbers – Understanding the Journey – Eps 126

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Personal finance is complex and this can be challenging to most people leading them to ignore working on their finances for a long period of time yet this will cost them in the long run.


The anxiety that sprouts out in majority of individuals coupled with understanding the various investment options, tax considerations, and financial products available is enough for one to throw in the towel.


 However, Certified Financial Planner, Lawrence David Sprung challenges anyone struggling to see the bigger picture in personal finance to look at what they hope to accomplish when their finances in order.


Is it taking your child through college or owning a home? Well, working on your personal finances can help you arrive at that point.


It is a journey worth exploring and you can find out how in this episode.


Hit play and listen in. 


Connect with host, Patrina Dixon










Connect with guest, Lawrence David Sprung


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