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Strategic Use of Grants To Boost Your Business – Eps 104

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Grants are an important resource in developing a new business. A grant can provide seed money for exploring a business opportunity, supply working capital for a business plan, or provide assistance in other ways.


Charmane H. Sellers, President, and CEO of ALEON Properties, Inc., a 100% Veteran(USAF), Woman, African-American owned Construction company located in Austin, Texas has been lucky to enjoy these benefits as a recipient for a number of grants and in this episode she shares:


  • How to prepare financially to start a business
  • The value of grants during a crisis
  • Why it is important for you to know your financials as a new business owner


If the word “grants” captures your attention, then this is the episode for you. 


Press play. 


+The Level Up Your Money Workbook


+Start Earning passively with Affiliate Marketing


Connect with the host, Patrina Dixon














Connect with the guest, Charmane Sellers.





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