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The Importance of Trademarking Eps.- 78

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Join me and Rosezena Pierce, an entrepreneur, and attorney that shares why you need to trademark your business. Hailing from Chicago, Illinois– Rosezena was born a city girl with global dreams! At the tender age of 5, she cites visiting law firms with her father as one of the instrumental forces in her life that equipped her with the vision to someday own her very own firm. Years later, Rosezena received her law degree from The John Marshall Law School (Chicago, IL). Additionally, she received a Certificate of Law in Intellectual Property. Now leading a team of 11 at R.J. Pierce Law Group, P.C.– Rosezena has become one of the most notable trademark attorneys in the industry. As an expert in her field, she now sits on panels and serves as a speaker at national events, conferences and virtual summits. Her natural love of law coupled with her effortless desire to educate enables her to connect with her audience throughout the nation. Socially known as “The Biz Lawyer,” Rosezena was ranked No. 86 by Trademark Now in their Top 200 USPTO Representatives of the United States article (2019). Self-proclaimed as the Queen of the Trademark Jungle, Rosezena is the most sought after Trademarking Attorney for Entertainers & Entrepreneurs. Her clientele includes countless entrepreneurs, in addition to high profile clients like Angela Simmons, Rapper Twista and Necole Kane of XO Necole. While her position as an attorney is quite rewarding, her true purpose is beyond satisfying! Her mission is simple— to serve the underserved. Unlike many attorneys, Rosezena has the unique ability to educate her community, making law more practical to the everyday person. Her desire to not only protect but educate black business owners is what truly makes her a pillar in her community. As the founder of R.J. Pierce Law Group, Rosezena and her team of all minority women have filed over 1900 trademark applications. Her million dollar law firm continues to produce record breaking numbers. She humbly recognizes her team of 11 minority women as the foundation on which she stands. Now, the most sought after trademark attorney and catalyst behind the “Secure the Brand Movement.” Rosezena continues to break barriers for black attorneys and business professionals; all the while protecting, employing and/or monetarily granting black small business owners. Above all she avidly educates the community in which she serves— aiding minority entertainers and entrepreneurs in obtaining legal representation and trademark services nationwide! “Would you build a house on land you don’t own? So why are you building a brand if you don’t own it?” -The Biz Lawyer For More on The Biz Lawyer Follow on Social Media @The BizLawyer or visit

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