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3 Ways to Be Financially Travel Ready

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Many of us have that dream vacation in mind, however, the finances seem to block our vision. As someone who is an avid traveler for my day job, work, and business, traveling has been one of the most fulfilling things for me! Whether it’s a visit with my daughter, a flight for a job event, or a relaxing weekend with my husband, traveling is something I enjoy.

To experience travel, it shouldn’t break the bank, and it doesn’t have to! Being prepared in all aspects of life is important- and that includes fun. Yes, it is vital to be prepared with an emergency fund or a college fund for the kids but you deserve you time!

This week’s blog is meant to help you reset your mind, and begin to inspire you to take hold of your finances so that you too can travel.

Last year, for the first time, I did several solo podcasts on The Money Exchange about travel tips and how to save money. If you are looking for more on that, check it out here!

Travel Vision Board

Just like saving and budgeting, a vacation needs organization too! Maybe you have a list of places you want to go, or maybe you want to begin research on the BEST places to go. Create a travel vision board, either using an online program like Canva or even doing it on paper. Include places you want to travel to and envision yourself there.

Will you be at an all-inclusive resort or will you be walking the streets of a culturally-immersed town? Understand your specific desires, and remember no vision is too big. If your dream is to travel to Asia for 3 months, you mustn’t disregard your goals if they seem too far off. Maybe that trip won’t happen within 2 weeks, but you can begin setting your mind towards working for that!

Consider including a working document with your board answering questions such as:

  • Location
  • Time
  • Must-do activities
  • Is there a deadline to visit this location?
  • What extra expenses can this trip incur?

Study… like a student!

Traveling isn’t a quick Amazon purchase… that’s why there are travel agents. However, if you don’t want to incur extra fees doing the research yourself is the best possible solution. You must consider all options when traveling. Some points to consider may be:

  • Are you willing to travel whenever or do you have a specific time of year you would like to travel? Often airlines have cheap programs during off-seasons, even below $100 depending on the airline.
  • Are you looking for an activity-based vacation or a relaxing all-inclusive vibe? Often all-inclusive are a great option if you want endless food and drink- both items that tend to be VERY pricey.
  • If you are looking for activity-based vacations, consider looking into hostels or Airbnb to save money.
  • Is this international travel? If so, consider currency exchange and differences in money. Be sure to consider additional fees on your credit cards, phone bills, and government regulations like passports.

If you discover that the pricing of your vacation may be far over what you wanted to spend, consider other budget-friendly options OR set a timeline goal for yourself. By setting a goal for the following year or two, it allows you to create healthy habits of saving without having to sacrifice your actual desires!

Fund your trip!

Now that you have your estimate of cost and general timeline, it’s time to actually get that money ready! What’s the easiest way? Here are a few tips on how to fund your next trip.

Create a budget line for your trip! Write down all of the expenses and predicted pricing.

If your trip is farther away such as 3-5 years, open up a High-Yield Savings Account to grow interest faster or a long-term CD. This is a great way to get your money to work for you with no risk.

Try and automate your savings into your HYSA if possible. If your current employer allows for direct deposit into multiple accounts, consider setting a small percentage of your weekly or bi-weekly checks into your funds.

Create a low-stress side hustle to make extra money on the side. This may be tutoring, baking, starting content creation, podcasting, blogging, or more. This is a great way to take up a hobby all while working for your goals!

Consider looking into grant opportunities if you are a student or a small business owner. If it can benefit your education or the needs of your business, sometimes there are specific grants available to make your travel possible. For students, consider study abroad programs and scholarships as well.


Life is meant to be enjoyed. Travel is one of those many ways I can enjoy life. This year should look different for you, as you continue to challenge the spaces you are in. What can you do differently? How can self-care create a better environment for you and others? And how can you begin to set healthy habits to create a more financially stable future?

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