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4 Ways to Feel Professional Empowerment in Corporate

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In the realm of corporate prowess, the ascent to the top often appears as an insurmountable challenge, especially for women striving to carve their mark in leadership roles. Yet, amidst this landscape, luminaries like Lee Crockett, MBA, stand as beacons of empowerment, guiding high-achieving professional women toward their deserved recognition and success.

Lee Crockett, an executive and career coach, boasts an illustrious career trajectory marked by over a decade of leadership within esteemed companies such as Frito-Lay, Nestle, and FXI. Her tenure in these top-tier organizations honed her expertise in sales, strategy, and professional development, setting the stage for her pivotal role in transforming the career trajectories of women worldwide.

In 2020, Lee took a bold leap to fuse her passion for leadership, coaching, and professional development by founding Lee Crockett Consulting. This platform serves as an oasis for high-achieving professional women seeking guidance in fast-tracking promotions, conquering imposter syndrome, and seizing control of their careers.

Recently, Lee Crockett graced The Money Exchange Podcast, hosted by Patrina Dixon, with her illuminating insights. The conversation delved into the nuances of mastering professional growth as a woman in the corporate world. Lee’s wisdom resonated profoundly as she shared strategies to navigate challenges, embrace leadership roles, and emphasized the transformative power of mentorship. She shared the following insights for women looking to level up in the corporate world.

Work Life Balance

Lee shared a compelling story during the podcast about navigating the delicate balance between dedication and being taken advantage of in the workplace. She highlighted the consequences of overextending oneself, drawing from her own experience. Lee recounted a time when her dedication led to extra projects being handed to her without commensurate recognition or compensation. This imbalance left her in a compromised position when it came to seeking promotions or advancement, as her boss couldn’t advocate for her due to her reliance on her extra work.

Strategic Networking for Advancement

In the competitive corporate world, Lee emphasizes the importance of strategic networking. She stressed that while competence is vital, connections play an equally crucial role. Lee urged women to be intentional about creating networking opportunities, especially in the current remote work landscape. She encouraged the initiative to organize virtual “happy hours” or casual gatherings to foster connections, acknowledging that in the corporate world, relationships often hold significant weight in career progression.

Community and Shared Experiences

Lee emphasized the importance of creating communities where women can openly discuss and normalize the challenges they face, particularly for women of color. She highlighted the value of finding solidarity in shared experiences. Being part of such communities allows individuals to understand they are not alone in their struggles and facilitates the exchange of solutions and support.

Self-Advocacy and Acknowledgment of Achievements

Lee stressed the significance of self-advocacy and the need for women to keep track of their accomplishments throughout the year. She emphasized that remaining silent about one’s achievements can lead to work going unnoticed. Encouraging women to confidently present their accomplishments, Lee asserted that this is crucial for positioning oneself for the recognition and advancement they deserve.

Empowerment starts with you!

As we absorb the wisdom shared by trailblazers like Lee Crockett, it becomes evident that the narrative of women in leadership is evolving, driven by empowerment, mentorship, and an unwavering commitment to shattering barriers.

To all aspiring women leaders, Lee’s story stands as a testament that the path to professional empowerment is within reach, waiting to be embarked upon with determination, resilience, and a steadfast belief in one’s capabilities.

Join the movement towards professional empowerment. Listen in on the full episode on The Money Exchange Podcast to hear firsthand how you can navigate the corporate world as A woman

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