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4 Ways To Make Fast Money From Your Phone

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This post may contain affiliate links. For more info read my disclosure.

All of us are connected online, and as the years pass, we have become more and more addicted to our phones. As studies continue to roll out on the usage of iPhones, and the next generation using technology more and more, there’s no doubting the addiction. Why not turn it into the next opportunity to make some money? How many times have you been scrolling online and watched someone talk to their phone about this new product they love or show off a new item they bought? Then suddenly it hits you, you kind of want that product… so you click the link and add it to your cart to just give it a try. That “influencer” has just made money for you buying!

There are plenty of ways you can utilize your phone to make money in this busy, online, connected world. In this week’s blog, we will be running through four you can make this happen, and start saving/spending/paying down debt, all through your phone.

(!) It’s important to recognize that these ways may depend on location, season, app availability, and your own efforts. Continue to show up for yourself, stay consistent, and use these to your best ability.

Resale Markets

Many of us are prone to buying things that we just don’t use anymore, and in a world of fast fashion and “trendy”, it’s so easy to create piles of items that we aren’t utilizing. There’s no harm is attempting to resell these items on platforms like Facebook Marketplace, Poshmark, Etsy, Mercari, etc. Millions of people are connected to these platforms to go shopping, new or used. Consider reselling any of these items:

  • Clothes (New with tags, used)
  • Tech (Laptops, Phones, Headphones, TV’s)
  • Accessories (Jewelry, hair items, etc.)
  • Furniture (Used, Refurbished)

All you have to do is snap a clear photo of your product, post it to one of these platforms, set your price, set shipping, and wait for your sale! The company will then help you with payment set up, shipping needs, and more! Don’t THROW OUT your items when they could be another person’s gem!

This specific action of reselling your items is great if you want a low-pressure, short-time turnaround. If you are looking to get into reselling more, consider flipping and or thrifting items if you have the extra time. Oftentimes people will scour thrift and consignment shops to find cheap deals that may have been overlooked by the company. They then can resell it for more online! Think good brands, high quality, and good condition.

Others may scour the Facebook marketplace or outside people’s homes when they leave furniture for free. People can sand, paint, and apply new hardware to give the item a refreshed new look and resale for up to 10 times the price. It all depends on the timing and availability you have.

Affiliate Marketing

If you are a social media lover, like many of us- Affiliate Marketing is for you! You don’t need a million followers or fancy cars to do it (although you may be there, one day!). Affiliate Marketing is when you talk about a product and the company that sells that product gives you an amount based on leads, visits, or purchases to their websites or products. It’s a great way to share what you love with friends, families, and people online while getting paid for it!

Affiliate Marketing requires a couple of steps including setting up payment, choosing where you will market the items, and setting up relationships with the companies that you like! There are a few platforms that allow you to do that seamlessly and see it all in one place.

I personally, have made thousands from Affiliate Marketing as I’m constantly online and talking to my audience (you!) about what’s helpful to your financial journey. If I can do it, while educating all of you, why wouldn’t I? Because I’ve seen such great returns from it, I’ve created a course that walks you step by step through affiliate marketing. I give you copies and templates to use to help talk about the products, and even give you an affiliate relationship to leave with! Check it out here!

Blog Writing

If you enjoy writing, this is the perfect way for you to make money! Blog writing is a great source of side income if you can set your website up the right way, and also blog about what you are passionate about. Consider these topics when choosing what to write about:

  • Lifestyle (parenting, working, everyday life)
  • Travel
  • Education
  • Sports
  • Shopping
  • Food
  • Art
  • Interior Design
  • Books
  • Music

There are so many topics that you can write about and that are intriguing to millions of other people. This is an amazing way to jumpstart your website as well, linking straight to your blog. Let’s say you have your topic now; how do you make money? There are a few ways, you can make money through including your affiliate links (see above) OR you can make money from ads run on your website! People who visit your website are seeing ads from Google, consciously or subconsciously. Even by people visiting your website, you are making money! It’s essentially an ad playground, and they will pay you!

Digital Products

If you feel passionate about something, you might want to consider creating a digital product to help someone out with that. For example, let’s say you are a teacher, and you create lesson plans for work. Maybe you have found that those lesson plans are extremely helpful. Throw those lesson plans into a PDF, use a platform like Canva to make it into a visually nice presentation, and put it on your website for sale for $10. When considering creating a product, think about what you are REALLY good at, and what someone who may be in the same field or wanting to be in that field could want to learn! Here are a few ideas for those in varying businesses:

  • Foodie: Maybe you have a passion for food in your state. Create a guide on the Top 30 Places to eat at! Include photos, your reviews, and information! Maybe you even can partner with restaurants to help promote!
  • Hair Dresser: Maybe you know the secrets to perfecting a balayage or cutting layers. Create an interactive guide on how to achieve the same looks! Show off your own work!
  • Parent: Maybe your life is hectic (in a good way) with taking care of kids. Create a guide of what tools, toys, and needs a new parent might need!
  • Traveler: If you love traveling, find a way to create a travel guide for people looking to take their first solo, family, or out-of-country trip!


If you have a phone, or a laptop, or both, you could be making some serious money! Why wouldn’t you? All the time you spend scrolling, watching other people rack in the money, you could be writing your next blog or creating piles of items that you don’t want anymore. Take inspiration, find what works for you and always remember, “It’s My Money”.

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