how to actually start a side hustle

How To Actually Start A Side Hustle

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Are you looking to earn some extra money? Maybe it’s time for you to look into starting a side hustle. You can take skills you already have or something you are passionate about and find ways to monetize them. Taking on a side hustle with your regular job will increase your income. Don’t know where to how to actually start a side hustle
? I got you! I will give 5 things to think about in starting a side hustle along with ideas on how to get started with each.

Identify Your Skill/Interests
One of the best ways to start a side hustle is to list all of your skills and talents. skills you have. Ask yourself these questions:

  • What are you good at?
  • ​What do you love doing?


​Pick one that you’re passionate about to monetize. When you do something you’re passionate about, it won’t feel like work since you love doing it. Once you’ve answered these questions, you’re one step closer to getting paid.Create A Budget
After you’ve picked your skill, talent or passion, determine what supplies you’ll need to do your side hustle. Your supplies will vary depending on what you choose to do. Maybe you are a creative artist and love to make art. Think about:

  • Will you need certain craft supplies?
  • Do you want to start an online shop?
  • Do you need to upgrade your current technology to do this?

Create a budget that will help you save up money to buy the things you need to start your side hustle. A budget will help you purchase these supplies and get to work sooner. Need help in creating a budget sheet from our resource page or using QubeMoney’s online budget envelope. They are very popular and they help you to plan for each supply that you need to get for your side hustles. Check them out here.

Determine Your Worth
It’s time to figure out what your skills are worth. Things to consider are:

  • How much do you plan on charging for your goods and/or services?
  • What others in your industry are charging?
  • What value will the person get from your product or service?

Your time and skills are valuable! So, don’t do any work for free. Once you provide your skills for free, it’ll be hard to monetize them later down the road. Do online research to determine how much a freelancer in a certain field usually charges. Go from there to figure out your pricing.

Schedule Time To Work
A side hustle won’t start to grow if you don’t dedicate time to doing it. Set time aside from your daily routine to work on your side hustle. It’ll help you focus on your side hustle and improve your skills. Practice makes perfect. Make sure your side hustle doesn’t affect how you perform at your full-time job. If it does, you might want to consider picking a new side hustle.

Promote Yourself!

You’re almost there! Now, it’s time to promote yourself and your side hustle! You can find customers in a variety of different ways. You can advertise your product or service on social media for free or pitch them to friends, family, coworkers, etc… You can even hand out business cards or sue QR codes. Consider putting a freelance listing online.
Consider listing your services on Fiverr to find potential customers. It is a great place for freelance workers.

​Side Hustle Ideas
There are hundreds of side hustles out there. You just have to choose which one will work best for you. The list below includes different side hustle ideas you can do in person or online. Side hustles are my favorite. The attachment lists different things side hustles that you can consider to earn additional money:

  • The red text indicates side hustles I’ve personally tried myself.
  • The blue text indicates a side hustle I’ve used in the past or hired for my business

Need more guidance? Purchase The Ultimate Side Hustle Starter Kit to kick-how to actually start a side hustle
your side hustle!


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