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Back to $chool: College Necessities

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Let's talk saving and spending first...

Preparing for college is expensive… let alone the amount of student loans that are coming your way. It’s important to be savvy when shopping for college. Look for deals and discounts and weigh what you really need. If you have any relatives, friends, and family that recently graduated, maybe they have so items you can reuse instead of purchasing new ones. Take a look at places like Facebook Marketplace to save on bigger items like furniture… be safe and remember to save!

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Dorm rooms can vary depending on the school AND year you are attending. Sometimes some schools may have better amenities. Some of these things are even good to have if you are in an apartment setting or even a house. Here are just a few things you MAY need; everything is also linked on my Amazon storefront here.

Microwave/Minifridge: Both are needed if you don’t have a full standard kitchen!

Tupperware: Tupperware is key if you want to meal prep, store leftovers, or bring your food into class/meetings or for your breaks. You can even store certain food products, so they don’t go bad in Tupperware.

Bed Bug Protector: Most standard universities have Twin XL mattresses that are passed on from year to year. Bed bugs can run wild in dorms, even causing health issues. Be proactive and purchase an easy bed bug protector to throw under the sheets!

Sheets/Comforter: Make sure to order Twin XL. If you want to cover your under storage, order a comforter that’s a queen or double that way if you loft your bed, it covers all of your storage bins!

Fan/AC: If your room doesn’t have air conditioning and you are going to be in a hot climate, make sure to have a fan to keep air circulating OR even an air conditioner if you need it to be cool.

Extra Storage: College dorm rooms are small! Most of the time you must share it with another person (or even two). Make sure to stock up on extra storage bins. You can even opt-in for a storage ottoman which is great for seating AND storage! This one pictured is 20%!

First Aid Kit: Usually when you use the medicine cabinet at home it’s easy to forget this one! This first aid kit has almost anything you can think of! Be prepared!

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College is the place for learning… but unfortunately, colleges don’t give you everything you need. A lot of times they want you to purchase additional things… books… technology… etc. Here are some items that will better enhance your learning experience and some that may actually be a requirement for you once you choose and pick your classes!

Calculator: If you’re taking ANY form of math class and or you want to have something handy to balance your budget… check out this sleek calculator.

Headphones: Listen to music, podcasts (maybe even The Money Exchange), and more with a good pair of headphones!

Blue Light Glasses: The light from your phone, computer, and screens can cause some serious issues with headaches and eye pain. Protect your eyes with blue light glasses!

Planner: Gather a planner to set out your dates, responsibilities, and assignments! 

iPad: If you’re looking for a sustainable way to save on paper, take notes, and have access to all your data seamlessly, iPads are a great way to do that! Remember, you don’t NEED the most recent model and the best color. Get something that is in range for you and look at refurbished iPads as well. The moment you open a brand-new iPad, it would be considered used so be mindful of where you can save your money.

Thanks for reading! If you enjoyed it or have comments feel free to share. See you next week!

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