Strategies To Boost Your Podcast Growth in 2023

Strategies To Boost Your Podcast Growth in 2023

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​The Money Exchange Podcast has evolved since its inception in 2018, from its artwork to the episode release schedule. So much has happened over the last four years and this has positively impacted its growth. The podcast has changed its promotion and marketing strategies to boost your podcast growth in 2023 over the years and this has helped the podcast grow an audience organically. I shared some of these strategies in Episode 112 of my podcast and I acknowledged how they have impacted the It’$ My Money® Brand.

Maybe 2023 is the year you want to start your podcast or get it off of the ground. Here are some of the strategies you can use to boost your show’s growth.

How Can You Boost Your Podcast Growth?

There are a number of tactics a podcast can employ to increase its listenership. Here are the ones that I recommend:

1. Promote Your Podcast on Social Media

Social Media is one of the best ways to promote your podcast. At least someone you know uses social media and the majority of brands do use it for marketing. Podcasts are not the exception and you don’t need to be an expert to get a hang of how things work on different platforms.

Outsourcing tasks related to the podcast has helped in its promotion on social media platforms like InstagramYouTube, and Pinterest.

With the help of my team, whenever a podcast is published, a post is shared on Instagram, Pinterest, and the video on YouTube. After struggling with doing all the things in my business, I finally let go. Outsourcing the social media tasks of the podcast has been of positive impact on its growth.Picture

Share your podcast on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram to reach a larger audience.

You can also use an awesome tool such as Canva Pro to help create great graphics and templates to use for these blog social media posts. Canva Pro gives you a lot of awesome ways to be creative with your podcast marketing. You can check Canva Pro out here.



2. Create a Podcast Schedule and Stick To It

Consistency will always be a top reason for success in different avenues including podcasting. As a podcast host, you should be certain of what schedule you have in mind for your podcast. When you have that figured out, maintain it. This way your listeners will be eager for your next episode release as they are fully aware of your podcast schedule.

In order to cultivate consistency as a host, you should consider batching episodes so you are always on time for your podcast release date. Batching is an aspect that I truly believe in.

I also prefer releasing the episodes a few days after I recorded them because my guests and I would be discussing current events that we would want to be relevant to the time they are released.



Now, the Money Exchange Podcast has been running on a bi-weekly schedule with active listeners who keenly wait for the next episode.

Do you need a tool that can also help you to manage your small business as you can continue to grow it? Try Honeybook! It will help you to manage your projects, clients, and invoices. Even your podcast! You can use it to help manage your schedule, tasks, and guests! Check it out here.


3. Promote Your Show in Your Newsletter

Your email subscribers are a reliable source of traffic for your brand. One way or another they signed up for your newsletter because they are interested in your content. For that reason, it’s imperative that you take advantage of that audience by promoting your podcast episodes through your newsletters.

This kind of promotion is very well utilized by The Money Exchange Podcast as each episode is mentioned in the newsletters. You can definitely increase your podcast downloads with the help of a newsletter.

Another great perk about it is you can track who opened the newsletter. Once you have an idea of how the newsletter did, you can then re-share it with those who did not get a chance to open it the first time.

Isn’t this just awesome? Newsletters put your show front and center to your subscribers and encourage them to listen.

4. Repurpose Your Podcast Content Into a Blog

Your podcast episode, regardless of their length or style, can be repurposed into a blog. There is so much information that can be shared in this format because you share a variety of valuable insight with each episode.

Listen to your episode after editing and grab a couple of key points to form the basis of your blog.


You can also add extra information from the internet as it relates to the blog topic to expand upon the subject and couple it with keyword research. You can write out an easy-to-read blog that will also be viable to Google Search.

​Don’t forget to include links to your podcast episode in the blog as this will lead visitors to your podcast and in the long run, increase your listenership.

5. Invite Guests to Your Podcast



If you are running an interview-style podcast, you definitely need guests on your show. The majority of these guest would love to leverage your podcast audiences to promote their offers.

Once they are given an audience on your podcast, the value shared is then promoted, giving them a chance to engage with new target audiences. It also gives more exposure to your podcast as most guests tend to promote their podcast episode with their following as well.

Notice how this is a win-win situation for both you and the guest.

If you find your podcast and blog growing large and you’re starting to make some money with advertising and affiliates, you can check out Novo. They offer great banking solutions for small businesses. Check them out here!



You can also check out my free resources on my resource page as well as my amazing Mini Financial Planner to help get your finances under control!

Bonus Tips

If you have no clue where to even begin with what equipment you need to podcast, check out my Amazon page. I have some great and affordable suggests for podcasting that may work for you!


Advance Your Podcast With Promotion 

Promoting your podcast is a trial and error process and finding the right marketing tactics that work for your podcast will require you to try out a number of strategies to boost your podcast growth in 2023.

You can also make money off of your podcast with the help of affiliates if you are familiar with that type of advertising. If you have no clue where to start, then I have an amazing guide for you! You can check out my Master Being an Affiliate course.


There’s no time like 2023 to start a podcast! Get yours going with these great tips that will help you podcast and promote like a pro in no time. If you want even more info on how to start a podcast, check out my eBook Planner on all things podcasting. Let 2023 be the year you start your show!


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