The Places I’ve Visited In 2022

The Places I’ve Visited In 2022

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I’ve been a lot of places this past year. I’m going to recap my trips across the states for you!

Los Angeles 

Our first stop was Los Angeles, California. My husband and I had an elongated weekend and this was my umpteenth time going. This was my husbands first time going. And of course if you know the Dixons we had to get some work done while we were there.

​One of the things he likes the most is doing the celebrity tour. It was only a few of us on the tour so we got to see more and stop longer at some of the key spots. Some stops I visited in the past were not available due to the pandemic.

​We also enjoyed Rodeo Drive and are both foodies so we ate a lot of food in many different places. The unfortunate part of this trip is we were delayed getting back overnight unexpectedly, although American Airlines paid for the hotel.



Next up, my hubby and I went to Miami, Florida. We love these elongated vacations. We try to do Thursday through Monday nights. So, what can I say about Florida? We dined on the bayshore, enjoyed the pool at the hotel.

One of the highlights was meeting Donnie McClurkin and his sister at breakfast. He was so gracious and took pictures with both of us. He invited us as VIP guest to his concert later that day. We had a great time at the concert and it was the first time I ever heard Donnie McClurkin sing in so many different languages to so many different people. Because we were vips we were able to be in The Places I’ve Visited In 2022 VIP room where others were so gracious to us and we did a lot of great networking. During this trip we also conducted a little business – by the way did you know him and I own a book publishing company called Destination Elevation Publishing?

Washington, DC

Next up was Washington, DC — this is a place he and I visit very often, unusually in May for the memorial weekend and then again in November. And this year was the same. I am not going to talk about much of it here as I also went back to DC in December and I will elaborate more on DC then.

BostonPictureNext up, Boston. I love Boston. They have great food and this is a great place to get seafood. We had a big church event there. My  husband and I were able to spend time at a couple of the local spots. I saw a lot of family and friends that I haven’t seen in a long time. I wasn’t a huge fan of my hotel but it was a Marriott so I got points. I had lunch one day at Capo in South Boston.

New York

Next up was New York. What can I say about New York? It’s one of my favorite places to visit.  Although it’s only 2 hours from where I live, I love going there. Every time there is an adventure. This time I went solo. I got to hang out with my daughter. I ate some good food and of course did a little work. I also had breakfast at this cutest diner called TickTock with my cousins and lunch on the taco boat. This was the first time I was introduced to a nojito. You may be thinking “what The Places I’ve Visited In 2022 heck is that?” I didn’t know either. I don’t drink alcohol and wanted something refreshing in a glass. It’s simply a mojito with no alcohol.



Next up was Orlando for #fincon22. Although this is an event I attend annually this one was the best one yet. Why? Because my daughter was with me. We spent many days fine dinning with money nerds. We sat by the pool one day but weren’t able to soak up the sun each day because it rained more than we preferred. We stayed at another exquisite Marriott hotel. At #fincon22, I got to be a speaker for the second consecutive year. I spoke on affiliate marketing and ways to find affiliate partnerships.

I also teach that in my Master Being an Affiliate Course. I also got to record a podcast live as well as a YouTube video. One episode was on creating additional income with rental properties and the other was on characteristics of someone who makes $6k and more. I met with Patrice Washington and made it in #fincon’s official newsletter as you can see above! I established new affiliate partnerships with brands and guests for my podcast.


Savannah, Georgia is another place my husband and I have visited several times. Usually we are in and out. This time we decided to spend a few days there. It was starting off a bit rocky as the rental car place overbooked, then when we finally got a place that had a car, we took an Uber to the place as it was away from the airport. When we arrived there the lady said “oh I am sorry we don’t have any more cars.”

Then she felt bad for us and gave us one of the cars she had on the lot. Now my husband and I are not small people and we both overpack so we had tons of luggage and the car she gave us was very, very, very small. I didn’t think the luggage could fit. Well, beggars can’t be choosers so we took the car and went along our merry way.


We were so glad we did as it allowed us to see way more of the city than we could with just Uber. My, my, it is so beautiful. It was so relaxing. We were in a parade, we ate at a few lovely local places, and we also had appetizers on a rooftop of a hotel.

​We saw a live musician playing at a local spot downtown. I got my makeup done at a local mall and when I asked the cost, the woman said, “no charge, just pray for me”. I also had some good street corn on the cob and he had awesome ribs. ​


Next up was Louisville, KY. Now this was a place I have never been before. I had heard so much about it and its fine dining and finally made it. This is one I did alone and believe it our not it was in and out. I started my day at 4:15am and got back in 1:35am the next day. But, I had a great time while I was there.

The meeting went well, I had great Uber drivers and the food….let me just say if you are ever in Louisville you must have fried lobster at The Seafood Lady. I did make it to Forth Street Live, which I am told is a must see. But I didn’t get a chance to visit the Muhammad Ali museum. I was told that I would have needed a lot more time to take it in. Maybe a trip back there next year is in view.

Washington, DC

Washington, DC in December – boy oh boy. As I mentioned above, my husband and I go to DC in May and November annually, which we did, but, I also went in December. This time was the first time I was able to go to the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture and my, my, my it was amazing.

I felt so many emotions in there – happiness, sadness, anger, empowered, joy, embarrassment, inspiration. I spent most of the day there and had lunch there as well. There is so much to tell about the museum. I can’t wait to go back.

I drank hot chocolate outside sitting by the food trucks and watched some of people coming out expressing the same enjoyment of the place as they were leaving. While in DC I shopped at Macy’s and had dinner at The Delegate. I also stayed at a Marriott.


I even posted my travel day by day spending while I was in DC. Check it out:

  • Flight – $0.00 (year end flight credit)

Day 1

  • Hotel – $0.00  (1 night free – Bonvoy reward)
  • Breakfast – $18.00
  • Lunch – $36.00
  • Dinner – $30.00
  • Total Ubers – $48.00
  • Admission to the Museum- $0.00

Day 2

  • Breakfast – $0.00 (included in the meeting)
  • Lunch – $0.00 (didn’t have to pay)
  • Snacks – $0.00 (provided at meeting)
  • Dinner – $0.00 (ate the leftovers from lunch)
  • Transportation – $5.00 (pretty much walked to and fro)
  • Misc – $2.99 (Unexpectedly had to get hair frizz from CVS. Had a $2.00 coupon in my wallet.)

Day 3 – Traveling back to CT.

  • Hotel for the 2nd night including tax – $208.00
  • Breakfast – $0.00 included in room charge
  • Uber to airport + tip $21.00
  • Pepsi – $2.75
  • Snacks – $0.00 (left over from last night – yes I packed them in my book bag).


Moral of sharing the expenses and savings:

  • To show I use the same tips I share
  • To show I also overspend sometimes
  • Budget should be done BEFORE spending as it allows you to know how much you have to work with.

Find ways to save or reduce spending on things you have control over which gives you the freedom to splurge in other areas.

Use my mini financial planner or use a free budget sheet from my resource page!

If you’re looking for a place to get great deal on things like snacks of your trips or you’re just wanting to save money in general, shop at Walmart online. There are so many great deals there so you can save a lot. I also have an Amazon page that is full of great items and great deals. You can check it out here.


Atlanta was the last place out of my state for the year. I had dinner at Nan Thai (it was very good – forest time there). We were with a client and I got my eye brows done downtown. I had a great client meeting and got to spend some time with family.


The part that I dislike most about ATL is the traffic. On the way back to the airport I got stuck in the horrific traffic. It stressed me out as I thought it would cause me to miss my flight and I had to bring the rental car back. I did make my flight but it was touch and go as the traffic was crazy then the tram from the rental car place to the airport, then to my gate, but I made it!


My US travel this year was great! I traveled to some of my favorites and got to go to some I had not been before. I love Marriott properties when I travel American Airlines. I have status on both. And that’s it! I’m excited to see where I travel in 2023.

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