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All Things Business Credit with Kimesha – Eps. 66

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Kimesha Janey a.k.a. Meesh shares why business credit is important. She also gives tips on how you can access business credit and what is required of companies who extend business credit. She also shares the business score ranges and much more. Kimesha Janey a.k.a. Meesh is a licensed realtor and a certified credit professional. She is the self-proclaimed queen of credit level up that prides herself on client results. Meesh is the owner & operator of Financial Growth Strategies LLC has. It is her mission to promote financial literacy amongst low- and moderate-income families who have faced some type of financial hardship or economic injustice. Meesh specializes in helping people establish and improve their business or personal credit. She also offers an online financial health and wellness mentorship program, that includes top industry professionals, covering topics ranging from goal setting, personal and business credit, real estate, and tax planning to health and relationships. Throughout the years Meesh has been able to help people all of over the country learn how to use credit to leverage capital, rapidly improve their business & personal credit scores and pay down their debt. You can find Meesh at: – [email protected] – Instagram Capital_Credit_Meesh You can find the host at: FB group:

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