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Leveling up your personal finances -Eps 99

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Many people want financial freedom, but they lack knowledge of how to do it. Even with multiple sources of income, they tend to find themselves buried in debt. The main reason behind this is their inability to manage their finances.   It is only when they start managing their finances, that they have a better perspective of where and how they’re spending their money. Great personal finance practices can help you keep within your budget, increase your savings and achieve your financial goals.    

So how does one keep their personal finances intact? Dakota Grady shares a couple of financial tips in this episode.


As a money coach, Amazon #1 Best selling author, and speaker. Dakota has led his personal finance class, 6 Steps to Maximize Your Money, to help people to become better managers of their money and has coached many families and individuals on how to get control of their finances and eliminate debt. 


Listen in on the pointers he shares to improve your personal finance. 

+The Level Up Your Money Workbook

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