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Financial Freedom by Age 25 Through Real Estate & Business- Eps-.83

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Alex Kamuyo is a 25 yr old civil engineer, real estate investor, entrepreneur, and educator. He graduated from the University of Texas at San Antonio with a BS in civil engineering at 21 years old in December 2017. He began working as a civil engineer in January 2018. Two weeks into my job I realized that the lifestyle offered to me by trading my time for money would never fulfill my desire to succeed. So after researching $ studying financial freedom, I set the goal to retire from corporate America by age 28 through real estate investing. Alex bought his first rental property at age 21. Since then he acquired 6 rental units & flipped 8 houses for over $200K of profit. Last year, Alex revamped my strategy to acquire financial freedom through business instead of rental properties. He launched his cleaning business in August of 2020 and generated over $100K in revenue in 9 months. The business just had its first $30K month. His plan is now to use the business to achieve financial freedom & ultimately take the profits and purchase additional rental properties. Additionally, he started a podcast (Money Monopolizers Podcast) in 2019 teaching financial freedom strategies targeted at young individuals to show them that early retirement is possible before age 30. The podcast now gets over 1,000 listeners per week. ***For a free Money Management Checklist:… ***Money Management Course: ***Subscribe here… ***Host: Instagram:… Website: Twitter:

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