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How To Invest In Real Estate Out of State – Eps 115

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Investing in real estate out of state can be an intelligent move for diversifying your income and enabling you to overcome debt or increase your investment portfolio. However, it can also be challenging and requires careful planning and research to ensure success.  

However with great insight into it from those who are already excelling at it, one can get a clear understanding of what kind of investment to make in real estate.


Crystina Cardozo is a guru in this field and while working as a teacher and Math coach, she discovered the lack of financial literacy in the school system.


This led her to empower herself with knowledge and buy wealth-building assets such as real estate, and overall learn how to make effective decisions that have increased her net worth.


She shares it all in this episode.

  • Mini Financial Planner. A digital tool that will help you get your dollars in order. 


  • Master Being An Affiliate gives you what you need to earn money passively being an affiliate marketer. 


  • How To Start A Podcast E-Book. 


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