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The Psychology of Money with Derek Hagen

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Derek shares how the psychology of money plays a role in how we create our Money Scripts. Derek Hagen is a financial therapist and founder of Money Health Solutions, a financial therapy and coaching firm serving clients nationwide. Derek supports financial health, behavior change, and money mindfulness by helping clients understand and change their financial beliefs and behaviors. He writes about the psychology of money on the Money Health Newsletter. He earned a Graduate Certificate in financial psychology and behavioral finance and a Bachelor’s degree in economics. He holds several professional designations including the Certified Financial Planner, Certified Financial Therapist-I, and Certified Financial Behavior Specialist designations. You can find Derek at: Show sponsored by MidiThings. Find MidiThings at They bring #womenbosses on to discuss their businesses and current topics EVERY, Monday and Wednesday at 6pmET. Midithings motivate, inspires, and empower young people through varies activities. You can find the host at: We have a Facebook group:

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