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How To Make Money With Blogging – Eps 107

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If you have a blog or thinking of starting one, it’s never too late to start making money from it. 


There are several ways to monetize a blog and in this episode, I talk to Latasha Peterson, a globally recognized Side Hustle and Blog Coach about how she has been able to make it happen. 


With over 10 streams of income and earning over $10k per month with her blog, Latasha has been featured in a  number of publications like CNBC, Black Enterprise, Business Insider, Bankrate, Legal Zoom, Smart Blogger, Tailwind, and much more to share her story.


While at The Money Exchange Podcast Latasha shares:

  • Strategies to make money from blogging
  • The value in creating a side-hustle
  • How consistency is important for any entrepreneur


Be inspired to put in the work with this episode, and hit the play icon to listen. 


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