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Tips for Travel Hacking – Eps 103

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The cost of traveling is not cheap, from booking flights and paying for extra luggage to securing great accommodation it costs quite the dollar to travel however with travel hacking on flights and hotels, you can save substantially on these expenses.


And this is a subject Keritan Shelby is well acquainted with. As the founder and CEO of JMS Consulting Firm, a credit consultation firm. Keritan is spreading the knowledge of financial literacy by helping others fix their credit, build business credit, learn better personal financial habits, and invest. After building his own business through credit, he wanted to share his knowledge and help others do the same.


In this episode he shares:

  • What travel hacking is
  • How to use your credit responsibly for travel offers
  • The perks and pitfalls of travel hacking


Press play on this episode and listen to all the gems he drops.


+The Level Up Your Money Workbook


+Start Earning passively with Affiliate Marketing



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Connect with the guest, Keritan Shelby.













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