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How to turn a Blog into a Lifestyle Business – Eps 97

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Can you profit from blogging you ask?  Yes, you can! In order for your blogging efforts to be sustainable long-term, you’ll want to write about something you’re genuinely passionate about.    Alexa Curtis is a real-life example of that, at just 12 years old she started a fashion blog; A Life in the Fashion Lane. It became a platform for her to express her feelings around everything relating to teens, body image, and mental health. I love her story as she is a classic example of there isn’t one way or path to become successful.    As Alexa evolved as a person, her blog naturally did as well. It shifted from fashion to discussing sensitive topics that teens and young adults face every day.  A Life in the Fashion Lane was changed to Life Unfiltered with Alexa Curtis and became a lifestyle website and podcast for teens & parents discussing topics such as social media and mental health. Not only did Curtis turn her little fashion blog into a full-time lifestyle platform for teens, through cold-pitching, she managed to get sponsored by brands like British Airways, T-Mobile, Lands’ End, and more.


Alexa gets transparent about one of her money stories. Take a listen. 

+The Level Up Your Money Workbook

+Master Being an Affiliate is a great course to helo you monetize your blog


Connect with host, Patrina Dixon








Connect with guest, Alexa Curtis


+Life Unfiltered With Alexa Curtis

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