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How to start a successful online business -Eps 102

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You may be wondering why start an online business in the first place. Why not go with a brick-and-mortar one instead?


Because starting an online business in this day and age has several advantages as our guest in this episode, Megan Meyers shares.


From NFL Cheerleader to successful dance studio owner, to an online

business expert, Megan Meyers is a busy mother of two who truly figured

out how to have it all.


20 years ago, Megan turned her passion for dance into a thriving local dance studio in Napa, California. When motherhood became her highest priority, Megan used her

entrepreneurial instincts and created a wildly successful

online business – The Princess Ballerinas Studio Membership Program.


In this episode she shares:

  • Her entrepreneurial journey
  • How to cultivate your passion to create a successful online business
  • How mompreneurs can navigate entrepreneurship


Tune in to listen to all the tips and tricks she dropped in this episode


+The Level Up Your Money Workbook

+Start Earning Passively with Affiliate Marketing


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Connect with the guest, Megan Meyers.


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