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Running A Business While In College with Nya Simone – Eps 47

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Nya-Simone shares how she started her business in high school and manages it while she is in college. Nya-Simone Spann is the founder and CEO of Simone’s Pieces, an international, fashion-forward accessories company. She launched her company as a freshman at New York University (Stern School of Business) after building it for 3 years. Her mission is to empower women by donating 1 accessory for every 10 sold to homeless shelters and nonprofit organizations, like Dress for Success. She encourages customers to use her website to donate directly to causes that support women, such as the Jeremiah Program that prepares single mothers to excel in the workforce and prepares their children to succeed in school. She has been featured in an article for NYU News and is currently being featured in an article for @bllaklabel on Instagram. She’s also been featured on 30 prominent inspirational Instagram pages and started a blog to share her story about being a college entrepreneur. She wants her brand to be all-inclusive and representative of EVERY type of beauty. One of her goals is to show other companies the importance of using their platform to give back to their communities. While she is a full-time student at NYU, she continually updates her website and manages her company’s Instagram that gets up to 66,000 views per week. To learn more about her business, see customers, reviews, and behind the scenes: Check out the Simone’s Pieces Instagram @simonespieces, AND visit her website, The host can be found:

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