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You Need a CFO for Your Business – Eps 33

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Carla shares with us why it is important to have a CFO for your business. She tells us about Profit and Loss Statements, why you have to PayYourself First, and other strategies to control your money in your business. Carla Titus is the Founder/CEO of Wealth & Worth Within. She is a finance expert with over ten years of corporate financial planning, analysis, strategy and CFO startup experience. She has applied her CFO expertise to businesses, helping them grow by creating simple yet effective systems to improve cash flow management and bottom-line results. She provides on-demand CFO and financial consulting services to help your business build the financial fundamental processes to scale profitably. Social Media:  Website:  Email: [email protected]  Facebook:  LinkedIn:  Pinterest:  Twitter:  Instagram: I can be found at: Instagram and Twitter: @itsmymoney_ Facebook: @itsmymoneyjournal

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