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Young Ladies in Trinidad & their thoughts about learning Personal Finance- Eps 87

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In this episode, I speak to 3 of the 10 beautiful ladies in St.Jude’s school for girls in Trinidad and Tobago where I have taught financial literacy for the last four years. I bring them on board to share with you how the It’s My Money Workshops have created an impact in their relationship with money. They went through 3 independent workshops on budgeting, saving and entrepreneurship leading up to certificate after completion. From their mouths to your ears, I hope this episode can enlighten you on the importance of financial literacy. In case you are looking to complement what you teach your students, the It’s My Money Workshops will come in handy to equip your youth group with knowledge in finance. Connect with our host, Patrina Dixon to get it rolling today. Connect with host, Patrina Dixon +Instagram +Facebook +Twitter +YouTube +Pinterest +Website

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