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How She Paid Off $50,000 in Debt A Little Over a Year – Eps. 45

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Tiffany shares the steps she took to pay pff $50,000 in debt in little over a year. She talks about using both the avalanche and snowball methods and defines each of the methods. Tiffany Grant is a single millennial and money strategist. She has successfully juggled completing her MBA and studying for the Certified Financial Planner certification all while taking care of two young boys. She has been budgeting for years and, as a result, was able to buy her first house at the age of 26. Tiffany has also paid off over $50,000 in debt in a little over one year! She loves talking about money and encourages others to do the same. In December of 2017, Tiffany launched the Money Talk With Tiff site with the sole purpose of helping other people increase their financial literacy and take control of their money. She is on a mission to be debt-free by 30 and wants to help others along the way. Tiffany Grant has received a BS in Business Administration with a concentration in Management, a Master of Business Administration, a Society of Human Resource Management Certified Professional certification, and a Lean Six Sigma certification. She possesses a broad range of knowledge in many different industries and sectors. Follow the host here:

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