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Taking The Leap To Entrepreneurship – Eps 110

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It seems every day you’re on autopilot when you have a traditional 9 to 5. While it comes with its perks, like security and assurance of a salary, many people want more. 


So what do they do to change it? Many are taking the entrepreneurship route. This common route comes with freedom AND it comes with tons of uncertainty about when and how your next dollar will come in and how to grow a successful brand.


All be it hard,  there are TONS of success stories in the entrepreneurship realm and Chianté Jones is one of them. She is a Financial Coach and the Founder of Dollars and Change. As a Certified Personal and Executive Coach, Chianté works with mid-career women who are ready to confidently manage their money and execute a realistic plan to eliminate debt so as to have more flexibility.


After becoming consumer debt free, accumulating over a million dollar net worth, and taking the leap from her 9-5, Chianté knows first-hand the freedom and options that come with having well-managed money. 


In this episode she shares:


  • How she was able to make the big leap and leave her 9-5 to pursue entrepreneurship
  • Tips on how to plan for insurance as an entrepreneur
  • How to grow a thriving business and work towards financial independence

Press play and listen in.

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