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How To Invest In Hotels – Eps 117

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Investing in hotels are investments worth exploring because hotels provide long-term income enabling you to expand your wealth, diversify your business portfolio and offer reliable income for the future or retirement.


In Episode 117, we explore what it means to invest in hotels with our guest Dr. Amina Gilyard James who is a hotelier, organization development strategist, and managing partner of Duke Ventures LLC. 


Most recently, Amina and her husband purchased a Quality Inn in Memphis Tennessee and in  2020 and 2021 they also became investors in two Hilton-branded hotel properties. 


She shares how one can make a lucrative hotel investment and key tips one can make in order to maximize their return on investment.

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  • Master Being An Affiliate gives you what you need to earn money passively being an affiliate marketer. 


  • How To Start A Podcast E-Book. 


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